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The role of a lawyer is to serve as a legal advocate, provide competent legal advice and act in the best interest of the client always. Lawyers are also trustees of the legal system and have responsibilities to maintain public confidence in the system and defend its integrity. These are all key characteristics possessed by each member of this law firm. As a result, individuals do not contact CRM Law firm simply because they need a lawyer.

Clients contact the law firm of CRM Law, LLC because they need a team of zealous advocates who are also compassionate and empathetic, with a strong understanding of the law and legal processes. 






5105 Paulsen Street Suite 236-C Savannah, GA 31405




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Our firm takes pride in looking beyond short-term resolutions and focusing on a more holistic approach to long-term goals by considering the full scope of our clients’ needs. Employing this legal philosophy allows the firm to find healthy and sustainable solutions to legal and non-legal challenges through partnerships with various nonprofit and for-profit organizations.

In short, we provide the comprehensive and tailored client services our clients expect and deserve.


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    Pro Bono & Community Service

    CRM Law, LLC is committed to providing pro bono legal services, financial support, and volunteer time to those most in need within our diverse communities. The firm’s dedication to pro bono work is a source of pride and reflects a fundamental part of the firm’s culture and mission. We treat our pro bono work the same as commercial work, applying the same standards of quality, professionalism, and zealous advocacy.

    CRM Law’s commitment to pro bono work stems from our belief that such work is part of the basic role of lawyers as members of our profession, our community and as officers of the court. Based on this belief, we fully appreciate the gravity of this role and accept all challenges.

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    The attorneys at CRM, LLC has earned a top-rated reputation as a personal injury, criminal defense and family law firm in Georgia (GA).

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