Why Being Charged With The "Seven Deadlies" Of Major Crimes In Georgia Could Mean Life


''Everything, even the presumption of innocence, must be fought for that much harder when facing a major crime indictment.'' 

That's why you'll need a criminal defense attorney who can stand against the talent and resources that the government and police will pour into the prosecution. 

What are considered "Major Crimes"?



Armed Robbery


Aggravated Sodomy

Aggravated Sexual Battery

Aggravated Child Molestation

Keep in mind: Depending on the jurisdiction, charges such as Aggravated Assault and Aggravated Battery and certain domestic violence or gang related counts may also get lumped into a major crime designation. 

What are the penalties for conviction of a "Major Crimes"?

Many major crimes carry mandatory minimums, such as ten years without the possibility of parole, meaning that 10 years in prison is the least amount of punishment that a person can receive upon conviction. 

Many major crimes sentencing ranges also go all the way up to life sentences, and a second conviction often means mandatory life without parole. 

What makes  "Major Crimes" cases difficult to defend? 

Most general criminal cases are resolved pretrial through plea negotiations or motions practice. It is commonly accepted that less than 5% of all criminal cases go to trial.

District Attorneys assign their very best litigators to prosecute major crime cases.

Additional charges are more likely to be accused by prosecutors in such cases for strategy or leverage. 

There's little chance of receiving pretrial release on bond and you may wait in jail for years before trial. 

It is common for some defense attorneys to actually have very little trial experience. 

The law firm of

If you are charged with a major crime, you need an attorney who understands litigation, not one who gets by with negotiation. 



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We have taken over 60 major crimes cases to jury verdict with acquittals on nearly every type of major crime charge... and  we have the experience, knowledge, and passion for an intense fight.